MySkateboardGuide is a blog developed to share my skateboarding experience to my audience. I am sharing the lessons, tips and guides that I learned while skateboarding. I shall also demystify you which skateboard is a perfect choice for you. I have tested and rode many skateboards in my life.

About Davis Brooks

I am Davis Brooks. I’m a 30 years old professional skateboarder. I’m testing and riding skateboards for over 10 years. Skateboarding is my real passion, when I was 7 years of age I started requesting my dad to buy me a skateboard and I actually got it but unfortunately as I was not an experienced boy at that time therefore I almost broke my precious leg by falling from stairs while skateboarding (luckily I was fine).

After that incident, I left skateboarding temporarily and focused on my studies. Around at age 20, I started skateboarding again as my whole purpose of life and I was willing to become a professional skateboarder. I did my hard work and according to statement; He who seeks, finds, I finally became a professional skateboarder.

Now I accept skateboarding challenges and attend different events to show off my skateboarding performance. Meanwhile skateboarding, I also have interest in everything that involves a board including snowboarding and surfboarding. Now I share my guides here on MySkateboardGuide blog.