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Are Maple Skateboards Good? Complete Guide

Skateboarding material has really great importance in the arena of skateboarding. A good material provides good stability and durability. Maple is a type of wood used in skateboards. We’ll further discuss about the pros and cons of this material. There is also a review of a maple skateboard available.

Maple Skateboards are generally considered good quality skateboards. Maple is a strong and durable wood, so it makes good boards for skateboarding. Maple skateboards are also known for having good pop, which is the spring-like sensation that helps you ollie and do other tricks. Overall, Maple Skateboards are a great choice for beginners and experienced skaters alike.

Maple wood skateboards are some of the most popular skateboard decks on the market. They are known for their strength, durability and lightweight nature. These characteristics make them ideal for skateboarders who are looking for a board that will last them for many years. Maple is the most common type of wood used in making skateboard decks, as it is strong and flexible enough to withstand the rigors of skateboarding. The wood is also very durable, which means that it can take a lot of abuse without breaking or splitting.

What is a Maple Skateboard and Why it is Common?

A maple is wood type. This wood is so durable. This wood is commonly used in skateboards. Maple wood is long-lasting and durable which makes skateboarding more efficient. There is also another material used for skateboard construction and it is “bamboo”.

Well, bamboo is also used in skateboards but it is not that effective as compared to a maple board because it lacks durability and reliability. It is more prone to breakage and warping, which can lead to an unstable ride. It is also not that flexible. So that’s why maple is used in skateboards as most common material

Is Maple Skateboard Good?

In simple words, Yes, maple skateboards are the best ones because they are flexible, long-lasting, durable and reliable.

Maple also provides excellent shock absorption, making it ideal for skateboarders who prefer a smoother ride. Maple skateboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be purchased pre-assembled or as a DIY kit. The best skateboard decks are built to last. They’re constructed from high-quality wood and feature a strong, resilient finish that resists chips, cracks and dings.

They’re also sturdy enough to withstand heavy use without breaking down in the middle of your session. If you’re looking for a board that will last season after season, then you need to get yourself one of these top-rated skateboard decks.

Maple skateboards are recommended for any skateboarder who rides in parks and pools or even on streets. The maple decks work very well on any terrain.

Here is are some characteristics of maple skateboards:

  1. Maple decks: Maple skateboards are made from a hardwood material, usually from Canadian maple trees, which is known for its strength and durability.
  2. Durability: Maple skateboards are designed to withstand hard tricks and impacts, making them ideal for long-term use.
  3. Lightweight: Maple skateboards are relatively lightweight, making them easy to handle and transport.
  4. Flexibility: Maple skateboards have a good amount of flexibility, which helps them absorb impacts better and makes them ideal for tricks.
  5. Control: Maple skateboards provide great control and stability, making them an excellent option for beginners and experienced skaters alike.
  6. Aesthetics: Maple skateboards are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, giving you the opportunity to find the perfect board for your style.
  7. Smooth Ride: Maple skateboards provide a smooth ride due to their natural flexibility and shock absorption.
  8. Consistent Performance: The consistent performance of maple skateboards makes them great for tricks and stunts.
  9. Responsive: Maple skateboards are responsive and have a great “pop” when performing tricks.
  10. Affordable: Maple skateboards are usually more affordable than other skateboard materials.

Who Should Go for Maple Skateboards?

Maple skateboards are suitable for both transition and street skateboarders. Because it is so durable and flexible so you can do different simple and advance tricks. You can ride in streets, parks, pools and almost any terrain because of the characteristics of the maple wood.

If you do flip tricks and advance tricks you should better go for the maple decks because you will be able to perform tricks more efficiently.

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Maple Skateboard

  • Affordable.
  • Durable.
  • Good for all skateboarders type.

Are Maple Skateboards Costly?

As maple is an affordable material. So, skateboards that are made of maple are very affordable that’s why they are getting popularity day-by-day. If you are going for bamboo, it might be a little costly and it has many defects so I would definitely recommend a skateboarder to go for a maple skateboard instead of the other woods.


So to summarize, if you are seeking for quality with affordable price then you should definitely go for a maple skateboard. There are a lot of other wood types available but maple has its own value. It all depends on your nature, skateboarding style, terrain and reason. So, you should better research of the characteristics of each wood used in skateboards and choose the right one according to your needs.

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