Bamboo vs Maple Longboard – Which is Better?

Bamboo or Maple longboard? That’s always difficult to decide which one to chose. Don’t worry about that because I am now going to share my experience and knowledge with you and will help you decide which one is better to go for a ride. The longboard differences are given by doing proper test so you’ll get a proper understanding. I am going to list all the advantages and defects of both rivals.

Before going deeper, I want to state that you should read this article carefully in order to select the one according to your desires and needs. It all depends on your needs, if you want to perform different simple and advance tricks on your board so you would obviously need a longboard that is strong, flexible and lightweight. So, Its all up to your requirements.

Bamboo and Maple Longboard Comparison

So, ready for bamboo vs maple longboard battle? Here we go, as stated before, maple wood has its own advantages and disadvantages and bamboo longboard has its own. I’ll try to describe each property of the both longboard types very precisely. So, let’s go!


Maple longboards are so durable and lasts for decades. It is so hard and dense wood. Bamboo longboards have life of less than 2 years. If you do proper care of the bamboo then it may last for years. Also, bamboo board is very strong. But in case, Maple longboards are winners in durability.


Bamboo Longboards are very flexible while maple board is less flexible than the bamboo. Both have good flexibility but if you want to choose a better one than it is the bamboo board. So, in this case, bamboo longboard is ahead in flexibility.


If you are looking for a longboard that has good properties and it is not much expensive then maple wood longboard is the winner because it is so affordable so that’s why it is so popular also. As compared to maple, bamboo longboard is not that affordable and might be a little expensive.


Both maple and bamboo longboard has light color and the scratches are easily visible on both boards. Often, maple board has soft brown color and bamboo board has light golden color. But the grip tape and the stickers or arts on the longboard make it different.


Maple wood longboard is not so scratch-resistant because of its light color while bamboo wood longboard is better than maple but it is also not scratch-resistant. It also depends on the quality of the longboard. If it has rough surface then it resists more scratches.

Which is better?

In the light of the above comparisons, I want to state you that if you are looking for stability and affordability yet strong longboard then Maple longboard is the winner. If you are seeking for strong and long-lasting longboard than bamboo longboard is the best choice and winner.

It all depends on your needs, Every wood used to make longboard has its own pros and cons. There are variety of types available out there. I would cover that in future.

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