How Much Does a Skateboard Cost? (Updated Prices)

Skateboarding is a fun and exciting sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. Whether you want to cruise around the city, perform tricks at the skate park, or just have some fun with your friends, skateboarding can offer you a lot of benefits. But before you can start riding, you need to have a skateboard. And that raises the question: how much does a good skateboard cost?

The answer is not so simple, as there are many factors that affect the price of a skateboard. Depending on the quality, brand, type, and features of the skateboard, the average price of a complete skateboard can be anywhere from $20 to $300.

In this article, we will break down the different components of a skateboard and how they influence the cost. We will also give you some tips on how to choose the best skateboard for your budget and needs.

Skateboard Parts and Prices

skateboard parts

A skateboard consists of several parts that work together to provide you with a smooth and stable ride. These parts are:

  • Skateboard deck: This is the wooden board that you stand on. It comes in different shapes, sizes, and designs, depending on your preference and style of skating. The deck also has holes for attaching the trucks and grip tape for providing traction.
  • Skateboard trucks: These are the metal pieces that connect the deck to the wheels. They allow you to turn and steer the board by adjusting the tightness of the kingpin. They also have bushings that provide cushioning and stability.
  • Skateboard wheels: These are the round rubber pieces that spin on bearings and allow you to roll on different surfaces. They come in different diameters, hardness, and colors, depending on your preference and terrain.
  • Skateboard bearings: These are the small metal balls that fit inside the wheels and reduce friction and increase speed. They are rated by an ABEC scale from 1 to 9, with higher numbers indicating better precision and performance.
  • Skateboard hardware: These are the nuts and bolts that hold everything together. They usually come in sets of eight and have different lengths and colors.
  • Skateboard grip tape: This is the sticky material that covers the top of the deck and provides traction and control. It comes in different colors, patterns, and textures, depending on your preference.

The cost of each part varies depending on the quality, brand, and features. Here is a rough estimate of how much each part can cost:

  • Skateboard deck: $30 to $90
  • Skateboard trucks: $20 to $80
  • Skateboard wheels: $20 to $50
  • Skateboard bearings: $10 to $40
  • Skateboard hardware: $5 to $15
  • Skateboard grip tape: $5 to $20

As you can see, buying each part separately can add up to a significant amount. That’s why many skaters opt for buying a complete skateboard instead.

Complete Skateboards vs Custom Skateboards

A complete skateboard is a pre-assembled board that comes with all the parts included. It is usually cheaper than buying each part separately and saves you time and hassle of putting everything together. A complete skateboard can cost anywhere from $20 to $300, depending on the quality, brand, and features.

A custom skateboard is a board that you build yourself by choosing each part individually. It allows you to customize your board according to your preference and style of skating.

A custom skateboard can cost anywhere from $50 to $500 or more, depending on the quality, brand, and features of each part.

The advantage of buying a complete skateboard is that it is more affordable and convenient. You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues or assembling errors. You can just pick a board that suits your needs and start riding right away.

The advantage of building a custom skateboard is that it is more personalized and flexible. You can choose each part according to your preference and style of skating. You can also upgrade or replace parts as you progress or wear them out.

The choice between a complete skateboard and a custom skateboard depends on your budget, skill level, and personal taste. If you are new to skateboarding or have a limited budget, buying a complete skateboard might be a better option for you. If you are more experienced or have a higher budget, building a custom skateboard might be more satisfying for you.

Factors That Affect Skateboard Prices

Besides the quality, brand, and type of each part, there are other factors that affect how much a skateboard costs.

Type of Skateboarding

Different types of skateboarding require different types of skateboards. For example, street skating involves performing tricks on stairs, rails, ledges, etc., so it requires a board that is lighter, narrower, and more durable. On the other hand, cruising involves riding around for fun or transportation, so it requires a board that is heavier, wider, and more comfortable.

Size of the Skateboard

The size of the skateboard refers to both the length and width of the deck. The size affects how easy or difficult it is to control and maneuver the board. Smaller boards are better for younger or shorter skaters or for performing tricks. Larger boards are better for older or taller skaters or for cruising or carving.

Design of the Skateboard

The design of the skateboard refers to both the shape and graphics of the deck. The shape affects how well the board performs on different terrains and how comfortable it feels under your feet. There are three main shapes: popsicle (the most common shape with rounded nose and tail), cruiser (a wider shape with pointed nose and tail), and old school (a retro shape with flat nose and tail). The graphics affect how appealing or attractive the board looks to you or others. There are two main types of graphics: printed (the most common type with colorful images or logos) and blank (a plain type with no images or logos).

Availability of the Skateboard

The availability of the skateboard refers to how easy or hard it is to find or buy the board in your area or online. The availability affects how much demand or supply there is for the board in the market. Generally, the more popular or reputable the brand is, the more expensive the board will be

Some of the best skateboard brands in the market are Element, Santa Cruz, Almost, Antihero, and Plan B. These brands have a loyal fan base and produce high-quality boards with innovative features and designs. However, there are also many other brands that offer good skateboards at lower prices, such as Blind, Birdhouse, Punked, and Flip. You can also find some cheap skateboards from unknown brands online or at discount stores, but they may not last long or perform well.

Location of Purchase

The location of purchase refers to where you buy your skateboard from. The location affects how much tax, shipping, and other fees you have to pay. Generally speaking, buying a skateboard from a local skate shop is the best option, as you can support your local business, get expert advice, and avoid extra costs. However, if you don’t have a skate shop nearby or you want to compare prices online, you can also buy a skateboard from an online store or marketplace. Just make sure to check the reviews, ratings, and return policy of the seller before you buy.

Country of Origin

The country of origin refers to where the skateboard or its parts are made. The country of origin affects how much quality control, labor cost, and environmental impact there is for the skateboard. Skateboards made in the USA or Canada are considered to be of higher quality and more ethical than skateboards made in China or other countries with lower standards. However, this does not mean that all skateboards made in China are bad or that all skateboards made in the USA are good. You should always check the reputation and certification of the brand and the manufacturer before you buy.

How to Choose the Best Skateboard for Your Budget and Needs

Now that you know how much a skateboard can cost and what factors affect the price, you may wonder how to choose the best skateboard for your budget and needs. Here are some tips to help you make a smart decision:

Know Your Skill Level

Your skill level determines what kind of skateboard you need. If you are a beginner, you should look for a skateboard that is easy to learn and control. A complete skateboard with a medium-sized deck (around 8 inches wide), soft wheels (around 90A durometer), and standard trucks (around 5 inches wide) is a good choice for beginners. If you are an intermediate or advanced skater, you should look for a skateboard that suits your style and preference. A custom skateboard with a deck size, wheel hardness, and truck width that matches your skating type is a good choice for intermediate or advanced skaters.

Know Your Budget

Your budget determines how much you can spend on a skateboard. If you have a low budget, you should look for a skateboard that is affordable but still durable and reliable. A complete skateboard from a reputable brand that costs around $50 to $100 is a good choice for low-budget skaters.

If you have a high budget, you should look for a skateboard that is high-quality and innovative. A custom skateboard from a premium brand that costs around $150 to $300 or more is a good choice for high-budget skaters.

Know Your Purpose

Your purpose determines what kind of skateboard you need. If you want to skate for fun or transportation, you should look for a skateboard that is comfortable and versatile. A cruiser skateboard with a wide deck (around 9 inches wide), large wheels (around 60mm diameter), and loose trucks (around 6 inches wide) is a good choice for cruising skaters. If you want to skate for tricks or performance, you should look for a skateboard that is responsive and agile. A street skateboard with a narrow deck (around 7 inches wide), small wheels (around 50mm diameter), and tight trucks (around 4 inches wide) is a good choice for street skaters.


Skateboarding is a great sport that can bring you joy and satisfaction. However, it also requires some investment in terms of money and time. To get the most out of your skating experience, you need to have a good skateboard that fits your budget and needs. By following the tips in this article, you can find the best skateboard for your situation and enjoy riding it for years to come.

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