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What Size of Skateboard Should You Get?

Choosing the right size of a skateboard is essential for a perfect ride. If you are on the right size skateboard then you’ll be able to perform tricks easily and even you can become a professional skateboarder. On the other hand, if you have wrong size skateboard then you’ll be unable to perform tricks on it correctly and there is higher chances to fell off while skateboarding.

I am going to explain you what skateboard will best suit you according to your riding style, environment, skateboard’s deck size, your height and weight, feet size, board length and width etc.

Choosing the Right Size of Skateboard

I am going to assist you in choosing the correct size with the help of charts so you’ll better understand what I am talking about. As I mentioned earlier, choosing the right size is necessary and it depends on some factors that are listed below.

Factors to consider for choosing the right size:

  • Riding style and terrain
  • Weight and height of your body
  • Shoe of feet size
  • Skateboard length

I’ll be now explaining each factor in detail for better understanding.

Riding Style & Landscape

Your riding style really matters. There are different riding styles out there and are listed below:

  • Transition Skating (skating in parks and pools)
  • Street Skating (doing flip tricks and freestyle skating)

For transition skating, you would need more stability and surface area (width) of the skateboard. The deck required for this type of skating will be a bit wider than 8 inches.

For street skating, you would need a narrower board with the deck width of less than 8 inches. This would allow you to do advance tricks easily.

Here is a table given to demonstrate you what width of the deck is required for whom:

Deck Width (inches) Suitable for Whom
7.00" to 7.50" Good for youth skateboarders of age around 10 years old
7.50" to 8.00" Good for street skating
8.00" to 8.50" Suitable to skate in parks and pools
8.50" and up Best for transition skating and doing tricks

Body Weight & Height

You should choose a board according to your weight and height. You need a larger board if your are tall, you need a smaller skateboard if you are short in size. By the way, keep in mind that skateboard width and height is not same as deck’s width and height.

A table to choose skateboard according to your body height:

Body Height Skateboard Size
4.5ft or shorter 7.25” to 7.75”
4.5ft to 5.5ft 7.75” to 8.00”
5.5ft or taller 8.00” to 8.50”

Your weight matters and here it is why, if you are heavier and you fell on the ground there are higher chances of getting hurt. On the other hand, if you are not so heavy and you fell on the ground then obviously there will be less injuries as compared to a heavy weight.

A table to choose a skateboard according to your body weight:

Body Weight Skateboard Size
45lbs or under 6.5” to 6.75”
46lbs to 59lbs 7.00" to 7.50"
60lbs to 101lbs 7.50" to 8.00"
102lbs to 152lbs 8.00" to 8.50"
153 lbs or above 8.50" or up

Shoe Size

Let’s say in simple words, the skateboard should not be a lot wider than your feet and should not be a lot smaller than your feet. It will be an intermediate size. In addition, make sure to wear perfect skateboard shoes in order to best suit your skateboard.

Here is a graphical diagram that represents the perfect size of skateboard according to your feet or shoe size:

graphical diagram to show the perfect skateboard size according to person's show size
A graphical representation for choosing skateboard size according to shoe size

Skateboard Length

Board length is also one of the most important factors in decision for choosing the correct board for yourself. If you want an overall skateboard length according to its width then you can consider reading this measurement table given below.

Skateboard Width Recommended Skateboard Length
7.25" 29.50"
7.50” 31.12"
7.75" 31.12"
8.00" 31.38"
8.25" and wider 32.00"


By knowing all the above factors and measurement tables I hope that you’ll be able to choose the right skateboard size. Note that the measurements provided here may not match exactly but if they are close enough to a skateboard you are looking for then you are good to go.

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